Popular South Indian actress Bhavana has been kidnapped and molested!!

In a shocking incident, popular South Indian heroine Bhavana has been kidnapped and molested in a moving car in Kochi of Kerala last friday night.

Bhavana was travelling back home from shooting spot at around 10.30 pm on Friday night. Police sources said, . her car was intercepted by two men who entered the car and molested her around one hour in the moving car. Finally they dropped the actress at a place and threatened her if she opens up about this to anyone.They also took photos and videos of her by force.

Bhavana then went to a friend's place and lodged a police complaint that Martin who worked as her driver in the past was the one who intercepted and forcefully entered her car with his friend.

The Ernakulam police have arrested Martin and filed a case against him under the charges of kidnapping and molestation. The police have launched a search operation to arrest another accused Sunil who also seems to have worked as Bhavana's driver.

The incident has shocked the entire Kerala the home state of the actress as well as the entire nation especially in the wake of rapidly increasing crime rate incidents against women of all ages. This also raises the question about the level of women safety in the country.

If a popular film industry celebrity like Bhavana can be molested in public place what would be the level of safety for common women is the most disturbing question we have to find answers for.